Brad Ellenberg

Portrait In Jazz

About Brad


Brad Ellenberg is a Guitarist, Composer and Educator.  He currently has three CD's showcasing his original music.  Rendezvous (2009) and Return Engagement (2014) under the Brad Ellenberg Quintet features 10 and 7 of his compositions respectively.  His most recent CD, Metamorphosis (2017) under the band name Portrait In Jazz also has Ellenberg contributing 7 new compositions.  

Ellenberg has been performing professionally throughout New England and New York since the 1980's. He has performed in many diverse settings, ranging from a duo to a twenty-piece big band, filling the role of band leader and freelance guitarist at various stops along the way.  He was the guitarist on a ten-day big band tour of England, UK during the summer of 2007.  Stylistically, in addition to jazz, Ellenberg's experience includes blues, rock, R+B, country, and in the pit where his playing has been heard on numerous shows over the years. His group, Portrait In Jazz in some form has been together since 1993 and The Brad Ellenberg Quintet was formed largely to perform his original compositions. For the last twenty-six years, Ellenberg has been teaching middle and high school music in Waltham, MA.